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World First

The all new world first polycarbonate dust extraction sanding blocks are here!


Just like the original Pro blocks, these are all made here in the UK to the highest standards, with the added advantage now of having dust extraction.


We went back to the drawing board, had new tooling made and found new suppliers to create the ultimate dust extraction sanding block.


Designed with multiple holes for extraction so they will suit any brand of sand paper. With a 20mm hose tail on the one end, simply attach it to your dust extraction vacuum and enjoy dustless sanding, keeping your workshop tidy and harmful dust out of the air.

We have 3 sizes of 840mmx70mm, 420mmx70mm and 198mmx70mm all in Solid and Semi Flex.


These can be used for everything from car body work, carpentry, boat building to model making, etc and are perfect for everyone - from DIYers to large body shops.


With the polycarbonate base, these get your bodywork perfect first time, saving you time and money.

Only Available Here at Pro Blocks

The Ultimate Sanding Blocks

Pro Blocks are crafted from years of testing & experience creating our own blocks to give the show winning arrow-straight finishes we are known for at DC Customs

We decided to make the ultimate block after years of having to make our own blocks from various materials to give us the show-winning arrow-straight finishes we are known for.

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Lightweight Blocks

Wet and Dry Drop in Orange

Ideal for Wet or Dry Sanding

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Ergonomic EPDM Foam Handle

Show Quality Finish

A Polycarbonate base of various thicknesses and an ergonomic EPDM foam handle which has been chosen for its lightweight, closed-cell structure which won't soak up water.
Making them ideal for both wet and dry sanding. This makes them both lightweight and are guaranteed to give you the flattest finish possible.

Multi Blocks Set
Pro blocks flex sanding block to showcase flexibliity

Save Time & Money with Pro Blocks

With 3 different thickness's of base, Pro Blocks are of various lengths and widths from rigid to flexible, giving you a block for virtually every shape panel.

These will guarantee to show up the highs and lows on your panel, giving you the ability to get your panels as flat as possible, as quickly as possible, saving you time and money.

Pro Blocks from DC Customs

Pro Blocks come directly from DC Customs, and have been used to create some of the finest finishes to vehicles trusted under Darryn's hands. The flat finish and light weight means you'll never want to turn back to the standard sanding block ever again.

Flexible sanding blocks don't come close to Pro Blocks. With this, alongside being able to use Pro Blocks with wet or dry sanding scenarios, car sanding blocks can feel as great to use as they look.

Bentley Flying Spur Decadence finished by Pro Blocks from DC Customs
Show Winning Finish - Gold Ford

Pro Blocks - Create Award Winning Show Quality Finishes

Pro Blocks® are created by DC Customs.