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Pro Blocks are the effective solution to an award-winning flat finish to the panels on your vehicle. There is simply no comparison when it comes to competition. Pro Blocks are all custom-made in the UK and tailored to diminish the problems we’ve identified over the years when doing body work.

Our custom-made Pro Blocks are made of various thicknesses of polycarbonate base and an ergonomic EPDM foam handle which has been chosen for the super lightweight, closed-cell structure which doesn’t soak up water making them ideal for both wet and dry sanding. 

Pro Blocks are carefully accustomed, expert sanding blocks designed to get your panels arrow straight prior to paint work. Our unique design is light weight, comfortable and designed to work on every thing from a motor bike fuel tank, to a car body, boat body, wood work etc.

By putting it simply, it’s the attention to detail Pro Blocks offer. We have crafted our Pro Blocks with 3 different thicknesses of base. With our blocks being various lengths and widths, from flexible to rigid – our Pro Blocks are guaranteed to show up the highs and lows on your panel, giving you the ability to get your panels as flat as possible, as quickly as possible saving you precious time and money. These blocks will pay for themselves with time saved, at the same time as creating a better job, helping and allowing a novice prepper to get professional results.

After years of making our own blocks from various materials, we decided to make the ultimate block to give the arrow-straight, show-winning finishes we are famously known for. We have had to make our own custom sanding blocks because no industry-leading products were giving us the premium quality we needed to make vehicle paintwork stand above the rest.

DC Customs believe that walking the customer journey is crucial when creating a product. After years of experimenting with what works best, we believe we have a product that is simply incomparable.

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