840mm x 70mm SOLID BASE

840mmx70mm semi flex base

840mm x 70mm Solid Base sanding block from Pro Blocks


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The 840mm x 70mm Solid Base sanding block from Pro Blocks can bring you the smooth finish you deserve. Solid Base sanding blocks do well with providing a smooth, even surface for general-purpose sanding. Solid base sanding blocks from Pro Blocks are built to be lightweight, and bring an ergonomic EPDM foam handle for maximum comfort and affordable, durable sanding blocks. Whether you’re working with a wet or dry sanding experience, Pro Blocks handles are built to last any condition thanks to the lightweight, closed-cell structure to stop any soaking up of water!

If you want that show quality finish, you don’t need to look any further. Brought to you by the DC Customs team, Pro Blocks sanding blocks are guranteed to bring you the flattest finish possible, whilst saving you time and money in the process. Suitable and comfortable for everything, from motorbike fuel tanks to boats and even woodwork. 

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